​Other mouthpiece services available:

  • Custom Chamber
  • Custom Baffle
  • Bite Plate Replacement
  • Chip and Crack Repair
  • Cleaning and Polishing

We take popular stock mouthpieces and hand finish the facings the way the factory should have done.  We measure and correct:

  • Tip Opening
  • Facing Length
  • Flatten Table
  • Even Rails 
  • Apply Proper Facing Curve
  • Even Tip Rail

In an effort to provide our customers with a higher quality, better playing product, we have teamed up with Mark Farmer to bring you MOUTHPIECES OPTIMIZED.  

Even new "professional" mass produced woodwind mouthpieces can be inconsistent and poorly finished.  Incorrect tip openings, facing lengths, uneven rails, and warped tables are all common defects of most major brands.  Now you can purchase a mouthpiece from Heritage Music Repair with confidence that it is level, true and optimized for peak performance.  Instead of auditioning dozens of mouthpiece in an attempt to find the "good" one, or spending a fortune on a"handmade" mouthpiece that might work, come on in and give these mouthpieces a go. 


​Mouthpieces currently available are listed below. Other models and sizes coming soon or by request.

  • Selmer S80 c*
  • Meyer Hard Rubber
  • Vandoren V16
  • ​Otto Link